"Sed quis custodiet ipsos Custodes?" - Juvenal, Satires, VI, 347.
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This service allows you to post news articles to usenet through E-mail. It can be useful if you do not have access to a good news server, or if you wish to post through an anonymous remailer. If you don't have access to a good news server, you may also be interested in reading news through an open NNTP server. You can find a lists of open NNTP servers at this URL: http://www.jammed.com/~newzbot/

Other known mail2news gateways:

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING mail2news@dizum.com:

To post an article to usenet, mail it to mail2news@dizum.com. You must specify the newsgroup(s) to which you want to post with a "Newsgroups:" header in your mail message. When posting to multiple groups, place all newsgroups in the same "Newsgroups:" header line, separated by commas (but NO spaces). For example, to post a message to alt.test and misc.test, place the following line in your mail header:
Newsgroups: alt.test,misc.test

Note that this service does NOT anonymize the news articles it posts. The address from which an article is mailed will become the return address of the posted news article.

The mail2news software passes mail messages directly through to the news server with almost no modification. It does not process "::" or "##" lines in mail, nor does it understand "Post-To:" commands. All mail received must already be a properly formatted news message (as described by RFC 1036) with a "Newsgroups:" line in the header of the mail message. Otherwise, the news server will reject the article and it will be bounced back to you.

To receive a list of all newsgroups reachable through this mail to news gateway, send mail to mail2news@dizum.com with subject "list" and no "Newsgroups:" header. The complete list of available newsgroups is quite large (200+K 10,000+ groups), and can break many mailers. To obtain through E-mail a list of only those newsgroups starting with a particular pattern, you can include an egrep-style regular expression on the subject line. For instance,
  Subject: list comp\.unix
would list only newsgroups whose names begin "comp.unix".
  Subject: list .*linux
would list all newsgroups whose names contain the substring "linux".
  Subject: list alt.*(security|privacy)
would list all newsgroups beginning "alt" and containing either the word "security" or the word "privacy". Finally,
  Subject: list .*\.test$
would list all newsgroups ending ".test".


If you post a usenet article from a replyable E-mail address, you will very likely end up receiving a great deal of unsolicited commercial E-mail. To avoid this, you can instead mail your articles to:
which mangle your From header so as to foil automated address cullers while still permitting humans to figure out your E-mail address.


·  Preloading a Path: header is not allowed, your message will silently be dropped
·  Crosspostings to more than 5 (five) newsgroups is discouraged.
·  Setting Follow-up:, Approved: and Control: headers will also result in your message not being posted.


The mail2news gateway is available so people who use anonymous remailers or do not have posting priveledges at regular news servers or have their posting priveledges revoked due to controversial opinions or flame wars can participate in usenet discussions. The mail2news gateway is not intended as a vehicle to post spam, advertising, binaries, pictures, warez etc.