"Sed quis custodiet ipsos Custodes?" - Juvenal, Satires, VI, 347.
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Thank you for visiting the dizum.com Abuse Pages.

dizum.com operates both a remailer (a system which automatically anonymizes and forwards e-mail) and a mail2news gateway (a system that forwards e-mail to usenet). As such it serves an important purpose for many of its users who could not otherwise express themselves freely, or who need to discuss sensitive personal topics.

Of course, it is not intended to annoy or harass. In case you have received an unwanted message, the remailer offers a method to prevent this from happening again, please find out how at our "howto block your email-address" at the bottom of this page.

We also run a mail2news gateway please consult the The Dizum Usenet F.A.Q. v1.03 and than decide if it is useful to complain about a usenet posting or individual.

- NO content is hosted at this server
- NO user data is retained, logs are not kept
- The remailer services only act as a proxy (mail goes in and out)
- The system acts as a proxy for email/usenet
- The server is hosted in Amsterdam/The Netherlands

Therefore the applicable law is:
nl: 6:196c article 1 (civil law) link to article
    54a (penal law) link to article
eu: article 12/13 (ecommerce directive 2000/31/EC) link to article"

Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies:
1) we do not have any user information from people who use our service (it provides anonimity, remember!)
2) we are not allowed to answer any request for user data anyways, you have to file an MLAT request with the NL authorities.
3) we will point out the line under #1 here above to those NL authorities (Police in Amsterdam).
4) we suggest people who received an unwanted email follow the instructions below in how to block dizum mails.

Howto block your email-address ?
To block the remailer from sending mail to your address, please send a message containing the line

DESTINATION-BLOCK  to remailer@dizum.com.

Remailer Policy:
The remailer administrator will take steps to prevent use of the remailer for any illegal purpose.

The remailer is intended for communicating anonymously, not for sending unsolicited commercial mail (UCE or spam). If you ever receive UCE from the remailer, the remailer administrator would appreciate a complete copy of the message in order to prevent it in the future. UCE will typically contain a contact address or telephone number, which is sufficient to identify the sender and -- where applicable -- take legal action against the originator.

More information about blocking addresses:
If you wish to block other addresses you can do so by including one line of the type "destination-block user@domain" for each address.

As a postmaster, you can block anonymous mail to your entire domain. To do so, please use the line "destination-block @your-domain.com".

If you do not want to read anonymous messages in mailing lists or newsgroups, please consult the manual of your mail reading program. The software will allow you to use `filters' or `kill files' to avoid being bothered by messages you do not want to read.

Purpose of Anonymous Remailers:
It is easy to store electronic mail for a long time and to search huge amounts of data for information about people when they do not expect it. Thus, the information society may pose a hitherto unknown threat to everybody's privacy. In totalitarian regimes sending critical messages may even cause a threat to the senders' lives if their identity ever becomes known.

For that reason, anonymous remailers have been developed. Remailers use cryptographic methods to conceal the origin of messages. Each message is sent through a network of anonymizing servers so that not even the remailer administrators have any information about the origin of the message. It is impossible for us to determine the original sender of any message. Please don't ask, because we don't know either.

More information is available from the following URLs:

Technical information about untraceability:
http://www.obscura.com/~loki/remailer/remailer-essay.html http://world.std.com/~franl/crypto/chaum-acm-1981.html

Legal information about online anonymity:
http://www.epic.org/free_speech/mcintyre.html http://www.law.miami.edu/~froomkin/articles/ocean.htm